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Having a celebrant led wedding ceremony gives you the freedom to create anything you desire, including any music, readings, prayers and blessings, your own wording for the vows, declarations and exchange of rings.  In addition to traditional venues the ceremony can take place in any setting you choose, in your back garden, in the woods, at a stately home or on the beach if you wish…the locations are only limited by your imagination!

As your Wedding Celebrant I will design and write the ceremony to your personalities, style and beliefs and without any legal restraints or elements not permitted by Registrars such as religious material and words reflecting your faith and beliefs.  Whether you write your own vows, select your own format for the day or opt for a more traditional ring exchange, your ceremony will be completely tailored to you both.  It’s your day and I will do everything I can to ensure that it is a deeply enjoyable, moving and memorable.

What information do I need to know from the couple before the day?
I offer a free consultation to my couples, to establish all of their details and plans for their day, which I then translate into a summary document for you to review.  Once you agree that I have captured all of the important information, and have secured the date with a deposit, I then begin writing your personal script, which you sign-off at each stage. I provide my clients with a checklist of things that I need in order to ensure things run as smoothly as possible on their day. By the time their day arrives, they are relaxed and know that I have everything organised and ready for their ceremony.

These ceremonies don’t replace your legal formalities, but are designed to be a perfect solution to many dilemmas.
If you can say “Yes” to any of these situations, the Wedding Celebration Ceremony is for you!

You want your ceremony in a private house or garden.
You want the ceremony outside, maybe in a marquee.
You want to get married abroad but also want to share your wedding celebration with friends and family when you return.
You want your ceremony in a particular venue that isn’t licensed for marriages or civil partnership.
You want religious or cultural traditions, which aren’t allowed at a Register Office or in a religious ceremony.
You want to include spiritual, religious or symbolic elements with special meaning to you.
You want your evening guests to be able to attend a ceremony as well.
You want to invite more guests than can be accommodated in a register office.

Legalities of the marriage

Wedding Celebrants do not legally marry you, so you will still need to attend a formal Registry Office Marriage with 2 Witnesses, which you may wish to do before the service or on the same day.  For this you will need to obtain a Notice of Marriage (the intention to marry) for which you must contact your local Registry Office and make an appointment. There is a waiting period of 16 days before you may hold the Register service which must also be booked. The basic legal statutory ceremony consists of 2 witnesses, Statutory Declaratory and Contracting words, giving and receiving of rings (optional), no music or optional extras and can cost less than £50 – for more information on minimum registration costs in Nottinghamshire/Lincolnshire/Derbyshire then follow the links below.  To find out more about how you can have full choice and control over every detail of your ceremony  CONTACT ME.

My fees for consultation (a minimum of two meetings, plus unlimited phone calls and emails) preparation, planning, friendly support, writing and conducting of the ceremony on the day is £395.00.  

I would be privileged to be your Celebrant on your special day so please GET IN TOUCH to start planning the ceremony of your dreams.

Conversion of civil partnerships        
If you have a civil partnership in England or Wales and want to convert your civil partnership, then this can be legalised at a Register Office then after your conversion you can celebrate with a Civil Ceremony at a venue of your choice and which does not have to be registered.

As your Wedding Celebrant I can help you create a bespoke and memorable wedding ceremony of your dreams.

You might like to incorporate a special ritual to symbolise the spirit of your Marriage, Blessing, Vow Renewal or Anniversary Celebration.  To find a symbol or ritual for your ceremony Click Here